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Is it that bad? Companies can’t produce enough of them?


They could produce more GPUs to keep up with the market but they chose not to. That way, they slowly feed cards into the market for prices £200 more than normal. Its a good way to make money but it just sucks for people who wanted to build their own computers.


This is a download link from the Linkin Park Reddit. Includes samples from the Akai MPC that LP used on the Living Things tour


Update on my laptop issues. Dell want to send an engineer in to replace the entire bloody motherboard as I understood it. They don’t want to exchange it for a new one. He should be coming on Wed for almost the entire day.


I hope this finally solves the problem, you deserve a good functioning laptop for once


Why does technology hate me so much? I’m currently sitting here being tormented by the USB overload notification, which will not stop spamming me. The engineer is coming tomorrow, my bet is that it either won’t get fixed, or it will, but something else will crop up in its place.


That’s weird… :confused: stay strong!it’ll be fixed! :muscle:


I just made this.



:joy: :see_no_evil: send it to W10 engineers… :facepunch:


Do you really think Windows give a shit about anyone? LMAO :joy:


Someone has to say something to them! :triumph: :weary: yeah, you’re right… :confounded:


Oh shit man
Seriously, maybe you’ll try out Linux ? Ubuntu is free


Sit rep. My fingerprint scanner and USB ports are back. And it only took a sleepless night, lots of rage, back and forth communication between me and Dell, an angry-ish phone call from my dad to Dell, and an engineer coming to my house and changing then entire bloody motherboard on a less than 2 month old laptop. :expressionless:


Guess what time it is again. :joy:

This time I wrote them a short one.

This again, really?

Guess what, you fuckwads. My rating is still as low as possible. Why? Because your second to last update broke my laptop so badly that I had to get the entire fucking motherboard replaced on a less than 2 month, old £1.2K laptop.

Get fucked you cunts!


Well done!!! :muscle:


Oh lol. That was brutal and they deserve it


You know the downside of ranting? They know you keep using their software. As long as you’re their customer, they probably don’t care


I know, still feels good swearing at them though. :joy:


Another gift for the music geeks: Samples from LP’s Neko Keyboard used by Mike. Source:


Back to living like a caveman while we find a better wifi deal :expressionless:. The clowns at Virgin hiked up their price from £22 a month to £34 a month so we cancelled with them.