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Wow, what a bunch of rip offs. A 10 pound increase is insane


10 pounds increase? Damn
We’ve payed like 30 for connecting to the internet wire in the country (40km from the city) and now we pay 5£ each month for it. 5 pounds for 50mbs outside the city!
Home internet costs around 12 a month, including the channels pack. And 500mbs


It’s £12 to be exact, for 100 on the DL. Playing NOVA 3 with 4 on the DL is fun, now I lag like everyone else and I can get kills. :joy:


Welcome to my world :rage:


Oh you guys…I pay $65 here :disappointed: still shit lol…

55€ I think?


I’m supposed to tolerate this for 6 months. :expressionless:




This wifi combined with W10 is driving me up the wall. Yesterday W10 bugged out agian, so I had to do a system restore to a previous version. Except for some reason it moved my onedrive to the SSD so it pushed it into the red zone on the memory bar. Onedrive was moved to my HDD on day 1 of me owning the laptop, no clue why it moved back. Anyway, I would move it, except it won’t move all the files unless it is logged in and connected. This wouldn’t be a problem if my wifi wasn’t so shit that I couldn’t even log in. Luckily I managed to clear about 20GB by deleting the Windows.old folder. Moving onedrive back will give me another 20 or so GB.


Give Linux a shot, seriously
I also have a win7 pro distributive somewhere if you’re interested


one plus 6 ? wat do you guys think? :thinking: worth taking? my bro is obsessed with that one since some days… :woman_shrugging:


I’d never heard of the brand until the other day when my friend mentioned it to me and showed me it. On paper it’s pretty damn good value for money and better than the S9 so I’d say go for it.


My sister’s husband had One Plus 3 and it wasn’t a good one. Especially the battery life. Dunno about further models though


Yeah, it is a good one, as for a chinese phone.

Only in price. If you compare these two, sams is better but it costs 200-300$ more.


New record, my UL is so pathetic that it can’t even be measured.


Yep… costs less around 35,000 rs. But has features of 50,000 one… :slightly_smiling_face:


Good news, I’ll be back on FO in the next couple of days.


FO? 10 characters


Fiber Optic.


Ooh so back to normal connection?



Also on a slightly different note, I just found out that speccy (one of the temp monitors I run) was actually spiking my temps by driving WMI Provider Host mad with errors. The log was clocking an error every second (literally). Quite ironic I think.