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My mom bought new phone… oppo F8 kinda good one…


Never heard of it.


Me neither. Btw , mom has issues with mobile internet — the damn thing just doesn’t work, only drowns money. I’ve rebooted the APN settings for a dozen of times but it seems to be the SIM… it’s around 8 years old


Chinese models… available in your country?


Perhaps at some shady stand in the middle of a shopping centre. You know, like the ones that sell you fake Beats for a fiver.


Chrome’s new look is annoying me. I can’t distinguish between tabs since I’m running a custom theme, it was fine last night.


Well, it had to happen at some point, this time my EQ is broken, at first I thought it was the sickness messing with my ears, but when I went to change the settings, nothing happened, everything sounded exactly the same. I’m currently fiddling with the drivers. This is the last thing I needed right now.


I gave up and downloaded a better EQ.