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What do you think about WD and Kingston? WD’s hard drives are awesome , Kingston have quite decent flash cards and RAM modules


Like I said, WD and Kingston are decent, just not as fast or hardcore as Corsair or Samsung, they’re good if you don’t want to burn all of your cash.


So much for that. I saw this coming. :joy:


Decided to open my Mk1 PS3 Slim today, just because I wanted to see what was inside. It ended up being a maintenance session. I cleaned all the dust out of it, repasted the CPU (Cell Broadband Engine) and GPU (Nvidia RSX Reality Synthesizer) and replaced the thermal pads. The only part I didn’t open is the PSU which was at the end of the exhaust, because I didn’t fancy dying today. I blew out as much of the dust as I could from the PSU without opening it.

General specs:

  • CPU: Cell Broadband Engine
  • GPU: Nvidia RSX Reality Synthesizer
  • RAM: 256 MB (soldered directly to the motherboard)
  • HDD: Toshiba MK1255GSX 2.5" 120GB

Inside, the majority of the space is taken by the Blu-ray drive, PSU and surprisingly big cooling system (the fan was massive). There’s not much to say about it, it was fairly easy to get in and there wasn’t much inside. The HDD is accessible by removing one screw and can be replaced.

I came across an interesting ‘warranty void if removed’ sticker. The moment I peeled it off, ‘void’ appeared all over it, it’s cleverly designed such that parts of the adhesive never come off of the other mating surface. You can see the remainder of the adhesive in the second pic where I put a little bit of flour over it.


Getting Rob free to post again… :crazy_face: :muscle:


Another update in the XPS. Over the past couple of days, I’ve seen my temps spiking oddly and staying there, my guess was that either I did a shoddy job with my paste application or the paste was just rubbish. I bought some Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut paste to reapply to the CPU and GPU, this was for two reasons, because I didn’t have enough Arctic Silver 5 left (the PS3 used up most of it) and because the TGK is supposedly a lot better than the AS5. I also ordered a replacement Intel AC 9260 WiFi card as the first one was driving me up the wall.

I spent the afternoon replacing the WiFi card and repasting the CPU and GPU. When I took off the heatsink I saw that I had a good spread of paste on the CPU and GPU (the CPU in the pic looks like it didn’t have enough paste on the left, but it did, the paste was on the heatsink when I took it off), so that leads me to believe that the paste is bad, as it was fine for the first couple of days and then temps started increasing.

I’ll report back with an update both on the card and the paste.

Thanks, this blasted rule is getting very annoying.