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Were you buying these two from the local resellers ?


No, Dell’s official site; they had a 12% off sale. And the HPs were also from HP’s official site.


Damn, the new laptop has me in a weird limbo now. I’m back on the old one and when I go to type I’m accounting for the key offset of the new one yet when I got to the new one I find it annoying. :joy:

On another note, does anyone have a laptop to recommend to me by any chance? Obviously not HP or Dell, but not Toshiba or Lenovo as I checked them out and they don’t have anything I’m looking for (and obviously not Apple).

I’m looking generally for something that’s an i7 with at least 8GB ram and respectable storage. I’m not asking you guys to start looking around, but just if you happen to know any. Thanks.

and anyone else.


Why do you need an i7?
Also, I don’t see why do you want a laptop, when being an engineer you could build a proper desktop and be sure that it works right.


I have a Dell :sweat_smile: and it works just fine!


I just want to upgrade from an i5, no other real reason.

I could but I plan to take my laptop into uni, the computers there are horrendous. Outside of lectures pretty much all of my work is done on computers.

You got lucky. Do you run a temp monitor by any chance?


I’ve used Lenovo since the hp fiasco but it’s an i5 8gig ram, slightly slows down using cad but not unbearably
Definitely do the i7 and higher ram if you’re using cad revit creo or some other modeling stuff
I agree desktop would be more proper
Maybe try another dell? My dell desk is a champ


That’s my current hp.

I’ll probably be getting various specialised programs as I progress through my course.

I’d rather a desktop too but a laptop would be of more use to me. it takes literally 15 mins minimum to log in at uni and then there’s waiting for the damn things to get their sh*t together. I’ve tolerated it for 1.5 years, I’ve got 2.5 to go.

I’m considering it but their better laptops have an unjustified price hike up.


Problem is the individual components I’d recommend for self-building are very rarely the ones seen in pre-builds for the reason that the companies will sell the “less than perfect gaming” tier to places like dell etc for a cheaper price and dell etc can sell them to you for a cheaper pre-build price.

You’re an engineer so I don’t know what the best CPUs are for high-intensity tasks. You’d have to google around or ask on /r/buildapc for an informed answer. If you can find a prebuild laptop with the 8700K then you’re probably good to go.


In terms of building a custom rig I’m fine, I’ve got friends in uni who built theirs and know what’s good and what isn’t. My issue is that a custom build is not ideal for me.


Here are some MSI laptops that might fit:


Wow thanks, I’ll give them a look. I’m going to dig through the sites of every laptop maker I know tomorrow.


I’d firstly check out Acer if i were you. They do make decent laptops


Don’t they give out pretty quick? Never had one of the higher acer ones but they don’t have much of a rep here


Yeah, neither here. I’ll take a look anyway. I don’t want to rush my decision for now.


Neither they do here. But what do people know? Asus has the best status here but I don’t see them any good. Same as lenovo.
I like HP Omen but just for the design.


No, I never have to. My laptop only gets hot when it’s running heavy software.


Right, I’m back on the new one to get used to it’s behaviour and see what else it does.

Also, I’m typing this line on the touchscreen keyboard. What does it say about the proper one when I’m having an easier time typing on the touch screen in laptop mode?

And now just for fun I’m going to type the next bit with the finger handwriting recognition keyboard on the touchscreen. :joy:

fam now trying to make sense intel my terrible point us handwriting. It: My manners Rabat . No, that Rabat, J said Rasht No. Rabat on such you sucks No: Fuck use suck . For God’s sale I saidsale SAKE:

:joy: :joy: :joy: Back on the proper one. The handwriting one is a right blast. It’s hilarious.

It was supposed to say:

I am now trying to make sense in my terrible joint up handwriting. My name is Robert (and then it changed it to Rabat and I was trying to tell it) no, not Rabat, I said Robert. No, Robert, oh fuck you. No! not such, fuck. NO! Fuck not suck. For god’s sake, I said sake, SAKE!.

:joy: :joy:


Lmao it sounded even worse than the translation :joy:


It sort of went from a statement to an argument with the keyboard :joy:

EDIT: It seems that every time I do even the smallest thing the temps spike massively suddenly and then drop again. Like here I opened google earth while having a couple of tabs on chrome and my temp monitors and the temps just shot up.