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From what I’m reading - quad core i7s do produce a lot of heat in a slimline laptop type scenario… (luckily you didn’t get the i7-7700 which apparently is horrendous) - an example I just read, was the HP Spectre watching you tube for 15 minutes - the touchpad got to 87c.

I think it’s just endemic of putting so much grunt in such a slim beast.
Get a pet cooling pad…LMAO

Using google related stuff always spikes the temp…I’ve never had a device that doesn’t spike when using Chrome or Gmail :confused:

Build Yr Own laptop??


Dunno much but my bro said there are nice ones in HP…


That’s idiotic, 100C is the max temp the i7 can handle before it goes into thermal or starts glitching.

The first print screen I posed where all cores were 80+ you could see I had nothing but the temp monitor open.

In the other ones I had some things installed but nothing major. I currently have installed:

-Google Earth Pro
-PDF reader
-Lego Digital Designer
-Adobe Acrobat

I don’t even have any of my files, pics or music on it. Apart from the downloads it is completely clean. Even opening a few tabs in chrome spikes it to 60-70.



Right, I’ve set my standards lower, I found a decently priced slightly older model HP that I’m going to get when they come to collect this one.

Specs on the HP:
Pavilion 15-bc006na
i5 6300HQ quad core
Nvidia GTX 960M 2GB

This one doesn’t have a CD drive either but it’s a price I’m more than willing to pay if it works without burning a hole in my desk.


Haven’t used that for too long, it doesn’t matter


I only use it to rip and burn cds. But I can do that on my old one and then just use onedrive or a usb stick.


How would you like it done? I could have cooked you a nice late lunch at around 14:00 when it hit 95C on core 3 and 91/88/91 on cores 0/1/2. I wasn’t even doing anything heavy today, just browsing with a max of 8 tabs open simultaneously with only 1 being a yt tab and another being a dormant spotify tab with nothing playing.

In comparison, the most I caught the HP doing was 92C.


Another nail in the Dell’s coffin:

This is my mum’s ancient HP pavilion dv6000 running plug, the forums, speccy and real temp simultaneously.

It has a valid excuse to hit 94 on one of its cores.

I’ll dig out more specs but you can see some in the speccy window.



Intel Core2 Duo T5750
150GB storage
256MB Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS

and its 11 years old. Dell should be ashamed. The i7 can eat its heart out temp-wise.


I prefer omelette if that’s ok
And…just…wow! To be fair - it’s probably just shit scared of you… :laughing:


I am totally gobsmacked at the heat considering the dv6000’s specs (I updated the post just as you replied). I’m actually currently typing from it. While running 2 programs, chrome and plug open in chrome as well as this forum and 2 other tabs. And it’s averaging at 70.


It’s definitely intriguing…speed difference at all?
Is the laptop so fat you could fit a refrigeration unit inside?
That’s all I have - I think 2006-7 must have been a vintage computer year - my old macbook still runs perfectly (after swapping out hard drives, ram and wifi card), and my parents desktop bought maybe a year later is still in whizz bang condition…


It’s fat, it’s pretty slow and it can be heard in Japan. And yet, it can connect to our 5g wifi and it has a respectable 16mbps on the dl. Granted 5g is 60+ but on my current hp the 5g wifi doesn’t even show up on the network list.

This is my setup now. :joy:


So, it’s got a vacuum cleaner in it then…makes sense!

Lucky you had 3 wireless mice…that work…LOL

What a shame man…that really sux - I had such high hopes for the Dell…I really did.


The blue and the black one are old and janky. The blue one (HP) is just dodgy and the rubber on the scroller is deformed and impedes it. The black one (logitech) double clicks on single clicks 80% of the time.


Your situation sorta reminds me of my old IMac @the_termin8r
It can handle usual stuff but if I go plug or some games poor thing heats up pretty badly. I think it’s due to the fact that it’s pretty old


My mum’s dv6000 was hitting the same temps as the Dell. Except the Dell only had 4 chrome tabs open that weren’t plug, and the temp monitors. So it was doing less work and was getting just as hot if not slightly more. It hit 80+ on all cores before I even downloaded anything other than chrome and speccy.


Right, I’m about to give this Dell a proper temp test. I’m going to try playing VRC (Virtual RC) on it. It kicked my current HP’s temps to about 70C. It’s not too heavy a game; we’ll see what happens.

Also in case you were interested @neeksnz , the dv6000 was 42mm thick at its thickest point.


NEW RECORD! :joy: :joy: :joy:

I just checked the temps, apparently the cores peaked at 99/98/98/99 (cores 0/1/2/3) 15-ish mins ago when I tried playing an old flash game. Technically I didn’t even get to play it as none of the sites were working, I think they might have pulled it. The only heavy work the laptop did was opening internet explorer and downloading shockwave player (it doesn’t work on chrome for some reason).


Try to launch Crysis 4 on this one and you’ll probably get police behind your door.


I’m good on that front because C4 doesn’t exist :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: . Running C3 will result in a fire so big that it makes a hydrogen bomb explosion look like a matchstick :joy:

The game is still downloading updates so I haven’t played yet. I’m genuinely concerned that I don’t actually burn it out right before they collect it. Still VRC isn’t exactly a heavy game. Min requirements are these:


Sit rep:

Surprisingly the temps didn’t go above 65C, probably because the fans actually decided to switch on and do their jobs for once. But the moment I open the forums I get 75. This is seriously messed up.