General admission tickets


Just wondering for those of you that bought tickets to see Mike, are all the tickets general admission floor tickets? (I’m assuming since the venues are smaller compared to Linkin park concerts)

Any advice or tips to getting a good spot, what to bring and what to avoid? I’m usually a seat person to avoid being squished (cuz I’m short). How long before the show should I show up and is there a way to save your spot if you go use the washroom etc??


Show up early for a good spot, whatever you think might be early enough…add an hour.
Impossible to save your spot if they aren’t any seats.


When I’ve seen LP in the past, I used to go about 8 or 10 hours early to be near the front (I’m really short too, 5 foot 1", so being near the front is important or I won’t be able to see anything!)

Normally when I show up that early, I make friends with the people who are also in line with me and they will save my spot :slight_smile:

Hope everyone has a great time at the upcoming shows :heart:


Thanks for the tips! I’m short too so I wanna be closer to the front so I can actually see. But I dunno what will happen if I need to use the washroom and if I’m allowed to eat once u r inside. Hopefully everything will be ok : /


Nope…you stick through it! Starvation…dehydration, that’s part of the experience!




My Plan beeing around about 2 weeks early​:joy::joy::joy: