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OT: watched Jurassic World Fallen Kindgom. Awesome movie, although the first half was slightly rushed. Loved how the dinosaurs looked, especially the velicrorapter (Blue) and the Trex. Chris Pratt is awesome as always. Some scenes will make you shred a tear though so some tissues are needed.

8/8.5 out of 10


Just watched the 2018 Tomb Raider (yes, at 03:00) and I found it to be mediocre. I didn’t like how loosely it was based on the game as I think the game has a miles better story. The moment they introduced Trinity in the film I knew they were trying to start some kind of franchise. I also saw how they tried to work some parts of the game into the film, but overall it didn’t add much to the film. The thing that annoyed me most is that all but two of the game characters were in the film (Lara and Mathias) and Mathias was completely different in terms of motive.

Other things I didn’t like were the weak CGI, the filming location (it didn’t feel right for some reason) and the generic final act. The OST was solid but I prefer Jason Graves’ game OST a hell of a lot more. Also for some reason I was getting some serious AVP vibes at some points. Overall I’d give the film a solid 5.5/10, if they’d re-told the game almost exactly, it would have been a straight 8-9.

P.S. This mini review might not be very coherent since it’s 03:00 and I want to sleep :joy:


I trust in your review. I hate when the trailer show the most important parts of the movie or the main scences… that’s why sometimes I don’t want to watching it… but I will do.


Watched the new Jurassic World. I enjoyed it so much because it’s a little bit different. Some scences remind me like the first movie… and I like it so much… I remember the first time I watched it… it was amazing!


I’m glad you enjoyed it! :heart:️:heart:️


This just randomly popped into my head, but Jango Fett is actualy a serious narsacist. To the point where he’s like Dr. Evil and has a mini me in the form of Boba Fett. He is his own son on account of Boba being an unaltered clone of him. :joy:


Just watched Blade Runner 2049, I liked it about as much as I liked the first one, and that’s to say not at all. It’s the same sort of overly long nonsense with terrible pacing and a plot that is mangled and warped just to get as much run time as possible. Also the characters were about as stagnant, souless and unlikable as before.


MCU update: Watched The Winter Soldier yesterday. I gotta say I was dissapointed with Thor 2, but The Winter Soldier was fantastic. The characters, dialogue, story, action, everything was on point and I applaud this film in particular for taking risky choices throughout. The soundtrack also stood out for me, especially the Winter Soldier theme.

I bet you would enjoy this film @the_termin8r!


I’m pretty sure I’ve watched that one. Can’t remeber a single thing about it.


I doubt that since you said you watched Iron Man and a couple movies after that. Winter Soldier is already pretty deep into the MCU. Anyway, just saying it’s a good movie in case you wanna give it a chance some time :slight_smile:




Oh sorry :sweat_smile: in that case you’ve probably seen it


The Winter Soldier is awesome. But I must admit though, I was cheering for Iron Man over Captain America


I think you’re referring to Civil War, since Iron Man is not in The Winter Soldier haha


Yes, I meant in Civil War and also just their characters in general. I like Tony Stark and I would have the Iron Man suit as well, if only I had the money


See? Even someone who’s a fan of the films can’t tell the difference between them. 'nuff said.


No. It’s only because I only forgot to put “in Civil War” on the first comment out of the three