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Just watched Geostorm, mediocre film, pretty generic. As I often do after I watch a film, I was scrolling thorugh its wikipedia page when I saw a guy in the cast called “Billy Slaughter.” :joy:


I watched about 10 minutes of Geostorm. Then I turned it off and I put on The Matrix


LOL, it wasn’t that bad. A solid 6/10 for me.


It is a movie for a sunday evening at home. But it wasn’t bad!


Rewatched Godzilla from 2014 yesterday. Still really enjoyable, despite some weak characters


I do enjoy that film as well, I just wish of more Godzilla! BTW, it has my favourite Godzilla design as well. :+1::+1:


True. Some of the teasing in the beginning was cool, because it gets you excited for what’s to come. Though the teasing went on a bit too long


Best part of the movie:

The guy whos only reason to be in there is to say:

“Gojirra” :joy:


Yes! :joy: And ‘‘let them fight’’


What about as a suggestion we talk about our worst movies we have seen recently or earlier on?

One of the worst ones I have seen quite recently is Resident Evil The Final Chapter. The acting was poor, the writing is plain awful, the action scenes make NO sense whatsoever and I felt like I had a massive migraine at the end of it.


There’s a whole list I’ll come up with later, but the first two that come to mind are the original Exorcist and The Witch. The Exorcist was 2.5h long and the only mildly interesting bits were in the last 30 mins. And when something did happen it was usually comedy gold. The Witch is just 90 mins of pretty much nothing, the whole film was BS.


one of the worst i have seen recently was Tomb raider^^
starring was a bearded dragon in the jungle
a bearded dragon?
in the jungle?

these reptiles live in the dessert


The one from this year annoyed me because it pretty much threw the game out of the window, being only vaguely similar.

Bearded dragon. Did I miss something?


It was a really short scene maybe 2 seconds. bearded dragon is a lizard species


Ah, I thought you meant a literal dragon. The whole setting was off, it’s supposed to be a harsh Japanese island, not a tropical-ish one. If you’ve played the game then you’ll know exactly what I’m on about.


To be honest i never played the game and i didnt even wanted to go the film but a friend wanted to go so i had no option

mhh bearded dragons arent even from japan…anyway the climatic surrounding wasnt even nearly right


The game was awesome, a million times better than the film.


I have a whole set of films that I absolutely hate…

Twilight! :+1::+1:


Ok, that’s the right thread to say it… I really hate Harry Potter…find those movies pretty idiotic… :sweat_smile:


:joy: Ok it’s the right thread to say it: These movies are maaaaagical! :blush: