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Watched moana today! :joy:


What did you think of it?


We were in cinema for “A Quiet Place” last Friday. You know, girls were scared more but it has affected me. Hasn’t expected it to be a good horror but it appeared to be


The only film that ever scared me was Aliens, and that’s because my dad let me watch it when I was 8 (the DVD was rated 18), I loved every second though and it’s one of my all time fav films.


I just watched ‘It’ ; what a terrible film that was. The pacing was rubbish, nothing was explained, it wasn’t scary, it was an almost complete waste of time. The only decent parts were the set design, OST and the scenes with the clown, those were comedy gold.


new “it” or classic one?


The new one.


Saw with friends in cinema and had a good time. That’s what this film is for I think


I watched it alone in my room at midnight, trying desperately not to wake up the whole house with my laughter. The best clown film is the dark knight. :stuck_out_tongue:


True that :smile: I’d be way too scared to do that haha


I’ve never been afraid of clowns, if anything they intrigue me a bit.


“Who invited Molly Ringwald into the group”, best line of that movie.


New IT is rubbish lol


Has anyone see the new trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom yet?


Yeah, didn’t do anything for me. Jurassic World wasn’t that great either


Just watched The Dark Tower, the plot was a bit wishy-washy, but the action scenes were awesome, Idris Elba was a badass.


Idris is such a good actor, he is awesome in the Thor films and Pacific Rim. I haven’t seen The Dark Tower but I may watch it in the future


It’s an adaptation of a Steven King book series. From what I understand, it got a lot of hate. I hadn’t heard of it before tonight. It’s worth a watch I think.


I was nice :grinning: watched justice league last night. I usually don’t watch many movies… and yea… about the fast and furious! Loved them… saw 1, 2 , 4 :slightly_smiling_face:
Rn downloading avengers :smiley:

What do you guys think of infinity wars? It’s releasing 27 here (dunno if dates are same) but yeah I’d like to watch that… let’s see jf i can make up a plan… and yes… tomb raider left too. Did anyone see that yet? :heart::sparkles:

Oh thanx lol I won’t see it :stuck_out_tongue:


Infinity War is going to be awesome! And I know that even before seeing it in the cinema. I may be seeing during the midnight premiere when it is released in the UK.

The Fast and Furious films on the other hand have completely lost me. My personal opinion for them is that they are getting too silly. The only one I like out of all of them is Fast Five.