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So you like silliest where they drag a massive safe through Rio? :joy:


It’s better than a chase with cars and a submarine. (And the Cinemasins video on The Fate of The Furious is awesome by the way)

And I would like Vin Diesel to make more of the Riddick films. He suits that role very much.


I take it that was in the 8th one. That’s the only one I haven’t seen yet.

I got bored of cinemasins after they made a hash of the I Robot video.


That is true. Sometimes Jeremy (the guy who does the voice) is annoying. But it’s the end bit that’s awesome, the film breaks the sin counter. :joy::joy:

And yes, I was on about the 8th film. So I may have spoiled the ending for you, sorry. And they are doing 2 more.


I know there was a sub chase but nothing past that. Also, they’re doing 2 more? Wasn’t this supposed to be the last?


Yep, they are doing 2 more until Fast 10. And Fast 10 is coming out in 2021.


And yes, I saw the movie again using the Kodi box at home and the score for this film has decreased by A LOT.

First time I saw it - 5/10,
Second time I saw it - 2/10

@the_termin8r, have you seen it yet?


Nope, not yet. Was it that bad?


If you are a massive fan of the first film, then the second film is nowhere near that good.

In fact, I’m watching the 1st film now. I’m up to where they introduce Gipsy Danger for the second time.


Damn… the first one was quite entertaining. I might see it when it arrives on DVD then.


What a nice birthday gift


Only 3 Days left till Infinity War



Can not wait for it! I’m seeing it on Friday after college


2 left yaaaayyy I will see it on thursday


Just seen the new trailer for Venom with Tom Hardy!
That Venom looks badass! Also, I love the fact that they used the same music in this trailer as for Infinity War! :heart:️:hugs:


Just 1 day left😍




I love it


Avengers Infinity War is out today! :heart:️:heart:️


Just seen Avengers Infinity War! OH MY GOD, THAT WAS AN AWESOME MOVIE!!!

However, I missed the first 10 minutes as we got to the cinema late