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I’m glad you had a good time. I’m more and more considering watching the entire MCU, but I don’t know if it’s worth all that time


It most definitely isn’t. Watch Iron Man 1, then imagine it about 20 more times, but with a modification that makes it worse every time, that’s the entire MCU in a nutshell.


I would recommend the movies as to let a few hours go by, if you know what I mean. Start with Iron Man 1.

Also, I got a free poster! And I might watch it tomorrow night with another free poster


Okay, I’ll see.

I’m afraid this is the case though


Infinity war was aweeeeesommmmme​:rofl::rofl::rofl::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Never expected that Darth Vader had the last Infinity Stone to hide it from the transformers


Does anyone have any good films to recommend that aren’t superhero or zombie films?


So good. This one might be Marvels best movie yet


Don’t know if you’ve seen the new Planet Of The Apes movies, but they are definitely worth watching! Other movies I’ve enjoyed recently: The Departed and The Truman Show


So I may have watched Avengers Infinity War last night in full. We got there with plenty of time and I thoroughly enjoyed it more. And got the second free poster with Iron Man, Doctor Strange, his assistant
and Spiderman. The first poster had Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy


I watched the last jedi agian last night and I spotted something quite funny in the scrolling text at the start.

“The brave heroes mount a desperate escape:joy:


Star wars fan much? :joy:
Never noticed that before lol!


Not as big as I used to be.


That looked soo funnny to me! lol! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Owwie! I’ll watch soon :smiley:


I’ve just had an Avengers/Transformers crossover film in my head then. That would be awesome.


Avengers is transformers. The final battle in A1 is copied from the final battle in T3.


Watched Iron Man yesterday. Really enjoyed it


The 2008 one?


Yeah. It was fun and the CG wasn’t as outdated as I expected it to be. For now, I’m just gonna watch the MCU movies in order and I’ll see how far I’ll come.


You won’t make it past whatever nonsense comes next. IM1 was the only good film to come out of Marvel.


How can you say such cruel things