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Wait, what did I say? :joy:


He means me and my almost hatred for Marvel.


I just watched F&F8, never in my life have I faceplamed so many times in the space of 2h. The film was full of so much BS that I won’t even bother ranting about it. The only things I liked about it were Dom’s modified GTX and Charger and Statham’s aeroplane scene, those were awesome. The rest of the film was meh.


That was the same for me! I’m glad I didn’t go to the cinema to watch it otherwise I would have asked for a refund


@ashesoftime @raz7 I already had talked about the movie in the last letter game III but about the final I can’t give more details or say the things as I would like.

The next might be considered as spoiler, read under your own risk and will

According to my brother there will be second part in 2019. Another interesting thing there is a Doctor Strange 2 coming soon. About the shield is for other character. This info is available in the comics.


F&F films are a typical example of milking the cow till it dies :joy: I’ve only seen a fraction of the first or second and don’t bother to watch any more than that lol

Hahaha imagine walking out of the movie 5 minutes in and demanding a refund :joy: fast and furiously, literally


There will be a Captain Marvel too. Anyway, the movie keeps you in tension all the time… and when final is coming is like what??? Well I’m waiting for Deadpool 2 :underage:


I can’t wait for Deadpool 2. Ryan Reynolds is perfect for this role imo.


Dr strange said: " it was the obly way". Every character who died at the end is just moved to the inside of the soulstone. That is fact. They will come back. Except the 2 characters which died at the beginning :frowning:


Well, if I wanted a refund for a bad movie, I will demand it no matter how much I need to prove it or say it! :heart:️:heart:️:wink::wink:


Apart from Loki and Heimdall who died in the beginning by Thanos and his allies, I think everyone can come back.

We have some Marvel movies coming out before the sequel to Infinity War listed below:

AntMan and the Wasp,
Deadpool 2,
Captain Marvel,

Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be released in 2020.


Is he dead permanently this time? I found him to be a deeply irritating character. Also on a side note, I realized that I’ve wasted my life watching 12 of the 19 MCU films over the past decade and I only feel like only one of them was worth my time.


I don’t know if he is permanently dead but he is the Trickster God. And I loved his performance.


Whyyyyy?? He’s clever! :face_with_monocle:


Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an annoying atmosphere about him, he seems so pretentious and entitled, as well as completely uncahrismatic since he’s so busy being a douche. I’m not saying the actor is bad here, I’m fine with Tom, but the character drives me mad.


Lol He’s a dark character, not my favourite, but not so bad

EDIT: @the_termin8r :stuck_out_tongue: :point_down:


You could say the same for Tony.


Tony is a far more entertaining character to me.


Exactly! Why the director must be so cruel with us?

Me too.


#145 - I find this hilarious!