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Loki is permanently dead like heimdall. Marvel said that the characters who die in the first 5 minutes were gone.
That also is the reason why thanos said to Thor: " this time there will be no reborn"


Guys! Spoilerss!! :see_no_evil:


You are reading under your own risk @rickvanmeijel lol :joy::joy:


Lol exactly


Yeah ok, I’ll be careful then. Would be nice though if y’all announce spoilers before you post them :slight_smile:

Yesterday I watched number two of the MCU, The Incredible Hulk. It was okay, not as good as Iron Man. Thought the cinematography and editing was kinda weird at points and the CG hasn’t aged well. I did like the Favela scenes and the action


Sure! But It was a joke… sorry if my comment annoyed you :hugs:


Am I the only one who likes the design of the Hulk from the 2008 movie than the one used for the Avengers?


Don’t worry, it didn’t annoy me :hugs:

I barely see any difference between those two :sweat_smile:


I’m partial to the amazing bulk.



Differences between each Hulk: (from left to right):
Hulk in the self titled movie in 2003,
Hulk in the Incredible Hulk in 2008 (my favourite),
Hulk in The Avengers onwards starting from 2012


That’s becuase they have to look a bit like the actors.


True, they often model the CG after the actor’s facial features.

@raz7 Thanks, now I can see. 2003 and 2012 look funny to me :joy: 2008 looks most scary


No!!! But Thor at some point wasn’t sure if he is dead for sure…

Am I the only one that liked Dr. Strange?

Loki is annoying as hell pretentious and p.i.t.a. and that means that Hiddleston is a good actor for waking all these emotions to many people


Dr Strange is awesome, Benedict Cumberbatch is awesome!

If I had the time stone, I would use it many times to resolve all the mistakes I’ve had in the past


I don’t know what part of the plot serviced that dr strange was so passive… We will find out!


I love Dr. Strange!


I am sorry but marvel said that he is gone for ever…


Dang it!


MCU update: I’ve now seen all phase 1 movies and I gotta admit I’ve been enjoying it. The Avengers makes a ton more sense than back when I saw it first. They did a great job giving every character his/her own moments and usefulness. There’s nothing majorly outstanding about these movies, but so far they’re good.


My main beef. In terms of being films, they’re well made, but they’re a solid exercise in generic mediocrity that offer nothing new.