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the first movie was awesome…i will definetely see the second part too


Watched Idiocracy yesterday. The comedy wasn’t always too great but the premise was interesting


It’s a scarily accurate film that one is.


Did anyone see Venom while it was in cinemas?


I’m finishing Slovak subtitles for Backstabbing for Beginners. Interesting movie and topic, but the movie could be half the time :slight_smile:


Agreed, I fear it will become more relevant with each passing year.

@mish3lka That’s cool! Do you write translations often?


Yes, I love translating and then we can watch sooner with my husband, he’s not so good in English :slight_smile: I even translated some Japanese subtitles for Full metal panic! :blush:
But these ones need retiming and adding some additional lines, that’s not my favourite work :slight_smile: If that’s not necessary, I’m able to translate one movie per day :slight_smile: But retiming takes so much more time…
I usually publish on and sometimes also OpenSubtitles as misiksik :slight_smile:

Last time I really enjoyed translating Cobra Kai. It is such a funny series, I really recommend watching it :smile:


Wow one movie a day? That’s good. I use OpenSubtitles pretty often, so thanks if I’ve ever used your subs :smiley:

How many languages do you speak then?


Not too many. Slovak is my mother language. Czech is very close, so it’s like my second mother language. I somehow understand most of Slavic languages (Polish, Serbian, Ukrainian, Russian, Slovenian, Croatian) a bit when heard but I can’t speak none. This all I don’t count because almost every Slovak is able to do it.

I was learning German like 13 years but forgot to speak entirely, I just understand a bit. And I know perfectly English (because I need it for work, write scientific papers) and I’m on JLPT5-4 level Japanese, which I can translate but I can’t speak very much :slight_smile:

So if I count properly, I know 2 languages except my own :smiley:


I’m looking forward to Stan and Ollie. As a kid I saw so many of their movies, they still make me laugh


Same here! Lol :laughing:


The Meg - to be honest, I downloaed it just because Jason Statham plays there but I’ve never seen such a stupid movie. Literally, NEVER. Not even Statham was able to save it. Just LOL. I swear I’ll never watch another shark movie, ever! :rofl:


Nooo I was looking forward to it hahaha


Well the beginning was OK but then it was one illogical thing after another :smiley:


After a 12 year wait, I finally watched The Incredibles 2 and it did not disappoint. Easily as good as the first one and one of the best films I’ve seen in a very long time. Marvel can get screwed.


I don’t know if you know, but Stan Lee died yesterday. The last of his movie will be Spider-Man. RIP


I still have to watch it :scream:


I do, but that doesn’t mean I have to suddenly like their crappy films, or that they’re good.


I didn’t say that :slight_smile: I just wrote it as news, no need to push yourself to like or cry or anything :slight_smile:

Edit: is it just me or replying to people doesn’t work on mobile app?


It’s a mobile app, what do you expect? :stuck_out_tongue: