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Well as I said, you cannot take the movie seriously. Although it’s about killing, it’s taken too far to extremes to be a serious movie :slight_smile: The joke is exactly in what you wrote - he kills everyone because of the dog. Then he’s just so angry that he kills even when he gets a latte. And, most funny thing of all, he does all that with this Keanu Reeves’s stone face and calm voice :smile:

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:scream: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
@theearlywalker you MUST read Rob post!
Heresy!!! HERESY!



This alone is a very valid reason to go on a killing spree, but in the movie it was shown that the dog was the last emotional connect he had with his wife.

Seems like another valid storyline.



A clear proof for that he is not human though :joy: he can’t get the magic secret out of this what he calls “brown liquid” :laughing:… he will never understand why getting a latte instead of an expresso is a serious reason to kill the barista :rofl: @lpfan61



I was once given a cup of ice with 2cm of coffee on the bottom instead of a cappuccino and I still didn’t care.

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Yeah! :joy: I knew you would understand me… :relieved: :relaxed: :heart_eyes: :hugs: :hugs:

:flushed: :woman_facepalming:

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I saw Identity. Quite a good movie with a good spin in the end :slight_smile: I also have these movies on my watchlist:

  • Existenz
  • Fight Club
  • The Usual Suspects
  • The Others
  • Sutter Island
  • The Game
  • The Village

Those should all be movies with a good spin in the end so I’m curious :slight_smile:



Just watched The Predator, didn’t expect a good film. Wasn’t too bad, I liked the over-the-top stupidity of it. 6/10.

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Sorry, what does this mean?



Over-the-top? It means too much, for example going over-the-top with perfume so that you smell like a department store.



I finally watched ‘Bohemian Rapsody’ last night. It was not that bad that I had anticipated. (I’ve been a fan of the band for something like 30 years now). Except of course the fact that Rami Malek doesn’t look like Freddie Mercury, doesn’t move like Freddie Mercury and has a irritating spasm on his face sometimes.

Some facts have been changed for the sake of filmmaking I guess. It wasn’t quite like that that Freddie left the band (to their objection) for his solo project. He also didn’t know he was sick (let alone he was gonna die soon) during the Life Aid and he seemd in a good shape that time.

I think Youtube with its interviews and documentaries is more valuable source of reflection and information of Queen & Freddie. But neither reflection nor information was the reason to produce ‘Bohemian Rapsody’ to be honest. If the members of the band don’t oppose, I don’t.



Speaking of musical films, I watched 8 Mile last night with Eminem. Pretty cool film, but I don’t know how much of his personal life has influenced the events of the film. My favorite parts were the rap battles.



We watched it too with my husband acouple days ago. I quite liked it, it would be much better in cinema because of the music however. Malek has a bit stupid face sometimes but when you look at the old photos of Freddie, there is quite a resemblance, especially without the mustache. It felt weird the whole movie but I think it was because I never knew Freddie without the mustache and with short hair. He’s iconic looking like that.

Interesting details about the differences, thank you for summing it up :slight_smile: How did Freddie left the group then?



He didn’t leave the band I guess and he wasn’t the first one in the band to have a solo project outside Queen. And Queen didn’t split up because of Freddie’s side project to reunite just before Life Aid. (Even if so the break wouldn’t have been long enough to feel uncomfortable trying to tune in together again).
The Works (album released in 1984)
The Works Tour (1984-1985)
Mr. Bad Guy (Freddie’s album released in spring 1985)
Life Aid - summer 1985

I prefer young Freddie without his mustache :yum:

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Thor Ragnarok was a fun watch. Good humour and character interactions, although the story wasn’t too original. I do think that the marvel movies keep getting better as the series goes on. Excited to watch Black Panther and Infinity War next (please no spoilers :sweat_smile: )



The first one is always the better…



I agree. What’s your favourites so far in the MCU?



Probably The Winter Soldier, although I also reallly liked the first Iron Man and Avengers and Civil War



Rewatched V for Vendetta last night, great film, really recommend it.



I like it too!

There’s a real V movement around, you know? :crazy_face:

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