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Watched Captain Marvel. Out of the Marvel movies, it’s good. I would rate it around 7/10. Can’t wait for Endgame


I agree. It was good, but nowhere near the level of Iron Man, The Winter Soldier or Infinity War. Now let the hype for Endgame begin :smiley:


Is end game going to be the last super hero film from marvel?


No :joy: they’ll keep going as long as their films keep breaking records. It’ll be the end of the original Avengers formation I think


Damnit, I was hoping they’d stop this shit by now.


Hahaha you really thought so? Endgame is expected to break all records! After this film I’ll be done though. I’ve seen enough Marvel


Rewatched Sunshine yesterday, good film, recommend it. Watched Johnny English Strikes Again today, didn’t like it. The first one was great, the second was meh, the third was mostly rubbish.


Watched the latest episode of Gotham last night, it’s AWESOME! There has been some controversy with the character of Bane in the TV series but it’s rather good, despite the shows’ budget. Can’t believe it will be over soon.

Supernatural (TV show) is ending on Series 15 next year, I’ll miss the Winchester brothers.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

The Grand Tour was also awesome as always. Only a few episodes left of the series.