German LPUers


wen sieht man denn am 29 august in köln? :slight_smile:


Me! :wink: I hope i got lucky to win the M&G :rofl::relaxed:


Hey there- welcome to the lpu @anaphx2 this forums is english only- watch out here- there you’ll find all further activity …


Maybe at the end of the year? I was on a memorial in Kassel and one week after the release, i was at the chester bennington memorial pavillon. I met many new people, LPU-Members and made new friendships, but enough is not enough :sunglasses::yum::metal:t2:


Back in 2010 German was allowed haha sorry for that


Welche aus Rlp da?

Someone from Rlp?


Welcome to the lpu @butintheend, I’m from Germany but I dunnow the abbreviation Rip- I’m from nearby Munich. Have fun in the family and requested language here is english :sunny:


Thanks @theearlywalker :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol :joy:- well this was my daily lesson, thanx- and Rip sounds cool- :v:t2:


North Hessen