German LPUers


I’m Kirsty from Düsseldorf :slight_smile: and I saw Mike a couple of weeks ago live in New York :slight_smile:


Hallo Aline,
bist Du noch hier im Forum? Bin neu hier und auf der Suche nach Gleichgesinnten in der Nähe.
Ich bin optimistisch, dass LP wieder zusammenfinden!!! Was meinst Du?


Hey fellow german soldier @blinky7 welcome to the forums :sunny: Enjoy your time here and this is an english only plattform- try google translator in case, that’s what I do too. Hope to see you around :smiley:


Sorry, thank you for this information!!!


I´m soooooooooooooo happy to see Mike again in Munich! Do you think there will be a Meet and Greet?


Don´t know, I hope so!


I can only speak from the past, there was always a m&g contest for lpu members… so I hope that won’t change :pray:t2:


If there will be a contest, how do we know and how does is work?


you’ll will get some informations here, social media and per e mail and so on.

If you got a ticket for the show, you can take part in the m&g contest. All you need is luck and a ticket for the shows/shows


Do I need an ID to prove that I´m a member?


yes before the concert, when you won the M&G contest. Your ID (name) must be the same like your regular name for LPU


Thank you for this information, maybe I have luck :partying_face:


no problem, you’re welcome :slight_smile:


Ich komme aus Eilenburg bei Leipzig🙋‍♀️


Hi, ich komme aus Saarbrücken (Saarland):hugs:


Hi ich komm auch aus Nürnberg ^^


Did u already get some information? I am REALLY afraid that I´ll just miss it… because when there was the event for listening post traumatic in Hamburg I also didn´t notice and I didn´t get a notification with mail… So will there really be a mail or something so I won´t miss? I was really shooked that I couldn´t take part on the contest anymore…


Hey there @meretlp, here is the site where you can check about upcoming events, as you see there is only a contest for Tel Aviv announced until now- but let’s keep the faith and stay tuned…


Thank you, I know it. I just want to be safe that I get notified, cause I´m pretty sure that I will forget to look up everyday :smiley:


Lol- just let the fear lead you to check it each and everyday- maybe you will be the one telling it here first :tada: