German LPUers


Haha, that´s perfect xD


Hi rebexxn, me too!


keep cool and just relax. you’ll get these informations really soon per e-mail, LPU, Facebook, fan-sites, twitter, instagram etc.

If I’m one of the first persons, who will notice these information, I’ll post it here :slight_smile:


HakManLP, do you (or anybody else) know how it works to apply for the meet and greet? I pushed the “Enter” button and expected any confirmation. But there was nothing like that. How can I see that I am participating in the contest? :thinking:


The button will change to „M&G entered“. You’ll only get a confirmation mail when were actually selected to attend the M&G. For what show did you sign up?


you’re in, when you can read below the m&g contest from the city of your choice ‘lpu m&g entered’


@tascha9 and @HakManLP thank you so much! Now I can see “M&G entered” for the show in Munich :grinning: What´s about you?


you’re welcome. I’m in for Berlin and Hamburg. Maybe Ludwigsburg coming soon


I am in Hamburg too. Fingers crossed that we all win a M&G :slight_smile: