German Tutor Wanted


As stated in the topic, I need someone who can tutor me in German (or should I say Deutsch?), desperately. Anyone one who can speak Deutsch is fine to me, as long as you are living in Hong Kong.

I am studying German in the university and hope I can take it as my minor study, but I got bad grades in the last 2 terms, so I really need help.


I’m afraid it’s unlikely to find a German LPUer who lives in Hongkong. But I hope you’ll find someone. If I can support you in any questions, let me know it.


I hope, you find someone.
If you need help, maybe I can help you on line.


Thank you all very much!


Hey man, I’m learning german as well right now. I can’t teach at my level but I think it might help if we communicated in german with other people at least. Feel free to add me as a friend and I’ll help in any way I can dude! Really hope you manage to find someone in Hong Kong!


Come and visit “German LPUers” in the forum. All speak German there. So you can practise a little bit :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your help!