Germany, Berlin 2015


Hello everybody.

I’m in search of info about exclusive packages of LP on european concerts: especially Berlin and Rome shows.

I’m interested is there any propositions like that one they have in US:
"Meet Linkin Park with a VIP Concert Package for Two:

Does anybody have something about this?

thnx in advance


not happy Germany gets more tour dates while many of us in Europe have nothing why is this I know many people very unhappy


Cuz Deutschland is in Central Europe so is Centralized location for Europeans to travel to. And no I’m not Deutschlanden.


I am from England I cant afford to travel to Germany to see LP so why not do the right thing and give all fans a fair share of tour dates 11 for Germany last year now getting 3 more 14 dates in less that a year how can this be fair ? just because get paid more in Germany ? what about the fans without us staying with them from the beginig there be no tours loyal lp soldier for 15 years just seems money talks and fans don’t matter I love LP but this seems really unfair and I know social media is a wash with complaints about the going to Germany again really needs looking at I blame warner bros and the tour management for total lack of respect there showing LPs fans around the world come on Linkin park give fans what there asking for FAIRNESS !!


check out and choose a concert you want to visit. for berlin e.g. there are two meet and greet packages. Dont know about the others and where you want to go.


Pierre Kruger I don’t pay for meet & greet packages I enter the meet and greet lottery and I cant afford to go to Germany costs to much in plane tickets and accomadatin plus cost of ticket fro a concert but thanks for the link


anybody selling seats of frontstage for Berlin show? :slight_smile: