Germany Tour 2014


Hey LP Fans,
where are you going? I am in Bremen. With Meet and Greet [biggrin]

Have fun.


jeey! I will be in bremen, too! :))


The concert will be legen … wait for it … dary!!!


I’m in Bremen ! And Hamburg

Wuuh \m/ \m/


I will be in Stuttgart \o/ Waiting for M&G lottery :smiley:


I’m in Stuttgart,too.
Still waiting to for the lottery^^


I will be in Hamburg :slight_smile: can’t wait


Amsterdam (okay, not Germany, but same tour) and Oberhausen. Can’t wait :slight_smile:


I will be in Oberhausen :smiley:


Hamburg und Bremen


i will in leipzig, send me message if anyone will go there :smiley:


Im going to Munich!
Also I go to the Summit (and concert) in Amsterdam!


Stuttgart and Munich, send me a message if you going to one of the concerts :slight_smile:


I want to go to Berlin
Can anyone advise me whats better? the general admission ticket or the reserved one?


Anyone else going to Frankfurt?? =)
And meet and greet as well?


Hi there!

I´m going to Munich. I got a deluxe reserved Ticket, i´m so excited. ^^
Send me a message, would be nice to meetup some LPU Members in Munich! :smiley:

Take care!



Got my guaranteed M&G!
Will be early at the arena, so if you like we can hang out there and meet each other!


I’ll be in Oberhausen!
My first LP concert in Germany and already suuper excited! ><

I’m also planning to go early to the venue! so message me, if you want to hang out ;D




I’ll attend the concert in Stuttgart (my 3rd LP-Show in Stuttgart)