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As I said before I’m sorry for your loss. Remember leave the emotions flow and don’t lose your faith, we’re with you.

I will keep you updated!


Sending lots of strength to you and your family!


Morning guys! Thank you so much :kissing_heart:
:kissing_heart: I slept too much hahaha I need it!


Take a big bonecrusher hug :hugs: @ashesoftime and yeah, life is short so we should all always be aware that time is a valuable thing. Enjoy your days, make sure to be aware of the lil things everyday brings to each of us…

I hope you can give your mother the support she needs now- it’s cruel if a near person has to leave out of the sudden. It’s a shock, a trauma. Only thing that can be of help is the loving and caring of the ones that are near to you. We love you and care for you and it’s good that you are back in our middle- I hope ( and know ) this will make it lighter. Hugs from the lpfamily to your mom too- in good and in bad times- one for the other #wearelpu :heart:


Thank you so much @theearlywalker for your kind words. Hard times for me and for others in this forum, but as I always say I’m here for all of you if you need something. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


I am so sorry for all you and your family have gone through. Take time to be with your family :heart:️ Sending all my love, hugs, and strength to you and your family.


Oh no , I’m so so sorry @ashesoftime for your loss ! :disappointed:
Losing a family member or friend is the worst. When my grandma passed away last year it was the worst, because I only have my mother and sister right now.
Life is really unexpected and sometimes a life feel just like a short moment.
Take all your time you need to grief with your mother and your brother.
I’m sending you strength and hugs and a lot of love! :hugs:


Thank you girls!!! Love you so much :kissing_heart::heart_eyes: :sparkling_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::black_heart::black_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Reading how y’all support each other just makes my heart jump from joy :smile:


This. The LPU truly is a great community. I’m happy to be part of it :slight_smile:

Btw Are you new on here?


Uhm… This is my first year in LPU, yeah. :slight_smile:
I’m on here for some months now… not pretty active tho :smiley:


Great! in that case, welcome! :smile:


Thanks man :smile:
I always plan to hang out here a little, but somehow those plans just stay plans for like… ever. :smiley:


Welcome. :grinning:


Well feel free to join the discussions, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time spent here :grin::+1:


Guess we mean well but sometimes the effect is exactly the opposite.

But should we do nothing, say nothing, just listen? It feels so powerless and unhelpful…


We must express what we feel and clarify it’s with good intentions and select our words carefully.



All doing good here ? :slight_smile: hugs and love to all! :purple_heart: :heart: :hugs:


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I love a copy of Chester poem. What’s your email?and mu favorite songs is heavy