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@mish3lka congratulation to your super cute newborn! All the best for you and the little princess ! :slight_smile:

Hello LPU Family… long time no seen.
In the last couple of weeks,it were really worse for me. I was ( and still I am) at a really dark place called my own head. It was so worse, that I really had the suicidal ideation of finally ending all this sh*t. Living all the time with the demons in my head and always being anxious is not that life,that I want to live. But with the loving support of my boyfriend ( even when he didn´t know what´s up in my head) and with the help especially of @AJ_7 it gets a little bit better.
I didn´t had the power to keep real conversation, even here on the forums. I hide myself and survived my last weeks at my old job.

And when I needed it the most, I got the chance to meet Mike Shinoda in my city. Even though that I was to nervous to told him, how much his music from Linkin Park and his new record means to me, it was a really special moment for me that I won´t ever forget. When everything in life sucks, just one thing can give you new hope. And this moment last weeks was one of these moments.

So today is the first day at my new job and I´m so anxious and I feel I had to puke. Being in this kind of situations are for everybody a really stressful moment, but with depression and anxiety attacks it is so much more. I hope I will survive my first 3 days there. Because I know if not, my mental health condition will be more worse than before.

I missed you guys so much.


So great to see you on the forums❤ so so proud of you! Keep your head up. Change can be a good thing, remember that! Sending lots of strength to you. You have overcome many things, this is something you can also get through. Keep on fighting


It’s great to hear from you again! I’m happy for you that you got the chance to meet Mike, that’s awesome. I agree with @AJ_7, change can be a good thing. Don’t stress about the unknown, it’s not worth it. I hope you’ll feel better soon :slight_smile:


That’s a good thing that you success to keep going even with the difficulties you’ve had.

I’m happy you met Mike, that’s so cool! Maybe you will meet him in Paris too at Rock en Seine!

I’m sending you strength for your first days at work. Whatever happen at work, close your eyes, breathe and remember that it’s not grave, we all learn from our mistakes.

Keep your head up, you worth it! :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Nice to have you back here!! we missed you too!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: Agreed with everything just said… :muscle: :sun_with_face: sending strenght and a special sunshiny hug to youuuuu! :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face:


Welcome back here sending you all the love and strength. @OneMoreLight2017


This… :slight_smile: I’m sorry things have been as difficult as they have for you recently but it made me really happy to hear that you were able to realize how much it is you mean to your bf, to @AJ_7 and for anybody here for that matter, it may be hard sometimes to remember that but just knowing you matter makes all the difference :slight_smile:

You’re going to do great at your new job too! One little piece at a time and you’ll be okay, and those jitters will start to go away, and even if there’s little setbacks just remember every single person ends up messing up here and there-where would the fun be in life if we were all perfect? :slight_smile:
One day at a time, one hour at a time even but with each passing one, let yourself gain a little confidence back that you’re awesome :slight_smile: you’ve got little trickles of strength and energy going your way from all over the world! There’s a little comfort in that too :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @AJ_7, @rickvanmeijel , @Lilyope , @lpfan61, @StephLP18 and @framos1792 for your messages full of love and support! Being open is really not easy, but it is cathartic. Getting your support is so appreciative!

Thank you @framos1792 for this so powerful message! I wish I could hug you in person right now! Unfortunately you are too far away. But I´m sending you also so much love and strength in this difficult time with your mum… I know this kind of feeling too good. My mum had a heart surgery 10 years ago and cancer 6 years ago. I only have my mother and my sister as family and the thought that I could lose my mum and couldn´t do anything to help her or put her pain away was so terrifying for me. If you need someone to chat you can ask @IronSoldier16 about my phone number and text me on whatsapp.

My first day at work was very stressful, because two people were sick and we had so much to do. So my welcome and introducing was really short. Most of my colleagues are nice or seem to be, one of my colleagues is really not nice and treated me really like shit. But it is always the same, that some people are like that to all newbies.

So new day, new chance to make it better and to find confidence in myself in this new work situation. :muscle:


Yaaaay!first day! :tada: :sun_with_face: Don’t mind cold people, just focus on your work… :wink: :muscle: :muscle: :sun_with_face: We’re here to support you any time! :blush: :muscle: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Thank you @lpfan61 :heart:️ you are completely right! I should only focus on me and work. :slight_smile:️ sending you a thousands hugs!


As you said it’s always like that the first time you work for a company. But you did it. You got through the first day. Sending you strength to get through the rest. I know you can. And as @lpfan61 said, focus on your work, and soon they will realize your worth.

@framos1792 I did not know about your mom until @OneMoreLight2017 post. I am so sorry to hear. How is she doing now? Sending you both strength.


That’s very sweet @OneMoreLight2017 :slight_smile: at least for the time being though, things settled in! They removed all the bad stuff they had to remove and she’s up and about relatively normal :slight_smile: she’s got a slightly shorter breath but that’s to be expected as well as little troubles here and there with the scar on arm(nothing big or serious though)
Her first new scan will be at end of this month so fingers crossed that she’ll be told everything is well for a long time :hugs:
I suppose after things settling down I was so relieved I never posted a full she’s ok thing haha but I’ve mentioned it here and there :confused: but yeah all good for now :blush:

Ps that rude chick is just scared you’ll end up with her job :stuck_out_tongue: the campaign goes negative when you have nothing good to offer and that’s her :slight_smile: keep your head up high and it’ll drive her nuts :grimacing:


Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts. I am glad things have settled. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything stays well!


Thank you very much! :hugs: