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I need some support from my lp family .I’m so so worried about my son he is in the hospital and I hope that he is good today. I love hem so much.


If it’s all lies, maybe just say the truth? It’s not normal that they can blame you doing things you didn’t.

Maybe try to apply for a lot of other jobs until Monday. Maybe you’ll have job interview and will find an other job? It can be the moment to find something else to do.

Even if the hot weather doesn’t help it, try to get rest. :hugs:

So take this bad moment and turn it as an opportunity to find an other job.

You’re not. Your life matters, and please don’t do this mistake. It’s a down, but you had ups. (like the Mike meet and greet for your birthday.) And more ups would come, just breathe, calm down, work is one thing but it’s not life. I’m sure you can find an other job with your 2 years of work experience. Get some rest and try to apply to every job you can find on the web. You can do it. :hugs::hugs::hugs::muscle::muscle::muscle:

What the doctors are saying? Do they know what’s going on?
Whatever, i will pray for your son. You’re not alone, i’m sure they can help him. Sending you the strength/hugs you need. :muscle::muscle::muscle::hugs::hugs::hugs:


I’m sending massive strength your way Rory, please try to hold on. You matter and we love you no matter what, we stand by you. When you’re down, remember the happy times, your fangirling, your meeting with Mike, the memory will not disapear so hold on to it :slight_smile:
Just write here everything that’s bothering you and that you’re feeling, it will get better I promise. Sending hugs :hugs:

@hilaryfol I hope your son will be okay, sending hugs :hugs: Please let us know about him :heart:


Thanks, but it’s not you who might be homeless and jobless on Monday. I made plans to kill myself if my boss will tell me that I am fired. I am tired of fighting and scared to tell my mum that I failed again. That I am a failure. I’d rather be dead than face the reality. I am just tired of this life.
I havent done anything bad. I am innocent, but I am tired of proving that I didn’t do it and apologizing for something I haven\t done. So just in case I am going to spend the weekend the best way I can. If it’s my last one


Well you probably won’t believe me Rory @rorybourdon , but I know exactly how you feel. When I was on high school we almost ended up homeless too because of my father’s loans - he had lots of them. I mean, LOTS, you can’t imagine. We lived on the edge of personal bankruptcy for many years. Every month we were missing money for loan payments, he always took them from a loan card and risked high fines, which would kill us. Most of the days we didn’t have anything to eat, so I was secretly eating soups at the school where my friends were going to lunch. Imagine having to steal food to survive - it was against everything that I believed but I had to.

I was trying to get some money on a part-time job so I could at least travel to school, but it was not much. And, I mean, it’s Slovakia, not UK, we are a poor country despite they draw us as economic tigers and shit - no jobs available and salaries too low. There were days when all my food for the whole day was a dark tea with lots of those small sugar bags. They were free in the place where I was working, but they were for tea and coffee so I couldn’t eat too much of them either. I was a child back then, I couldn’t get my own job. But you can.

This lasted many years, I lived in constant fear of losing my home and imagined a future of living under some bridge. Imagine how it must have felt for a child with almost no possibilities of earning. And psychic tyrany from my mother and brother didn’t help much either. I almost killed myself too. The years of lack of nutrition, depression and bad living environment also ruined my health, I now have asthma and eating disorders.

But you see, I survived. And believe me, there are worse things than this, I know it now. Not having money or a job, it’s not the end of the world. And the people who get you down every time - well they are everywhere and they always will be. I learned not to focus on them because they are not important in my life.Stop focusing on them, let it all go.

Because there are also better ones! I know you see it all dark and hopeless right now, because your mind is making you. But it will get better somehow, you just need to believe and don’t stop trying. I didn’t and I am happy now - you will too. I learned to become thankful and happy for the smallest little things - like the sun rising every morning or a bird singing. And love. It cures everything. Not only love for you, but your love for the others. Happiness lies in such small things. It’s all there you just embrace it and it will make you stronger than before. You don’t need your mom’s approval to live. Or your boss. They don’t live your life, you do. You don’t need anyone’s approval. It’s all about you.

And although you wrote about ending it and playing all loosery, I know that secretly, deep down there, you are a fighter just like me. You will get through this, you are strong and you have us, we love you. And if not for anything, then make Mike proud. And Rob. Imagine what they would say after reading this. I think they would just cry and hug you.


Sigh sometimes I wish you were a dude to smack some sense into you :angry:

Well, haven’t been on as much, long day for me Wednesday then yesterday was in San Francisco all day with my mom, I’m happy to report the new check-up came back clean :grinning: so very happy and relaxed by that :blush: I thought I’d mention it here


Yay! Happy to hear that.


Yaaaaay!!!soooo happy for you and your mom!! :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs: :tada: :heart: :hugs:


Wonderful, :sunny: :hugs: :tada: that´s so great news- soo happy for you Francisco- @framos1792 and I knew how much you cared and sufferd - you were incredible strong those days back in spring… great :yellow_heart:
Health is a thing we can´t repair if it´s seriously damaged- but it grants us to make everything else possible- and we only should be happy and make the best out of our lifes as long as we can- health is the bottom for everythig else. I guess we forget this simple fact often when dealing with what I call “luxury problems”. It is up to each of us to change circumstances and make decisions to turn life into what we want it to be to feel good in it. We should take this as a gift…


Yess I’m happy for you! And I agree completely @theearlywalker


Very much agreed!!! :hugs: thank you :slightly_smiling_face::hugs: it gets difficult at times but we can choose to be hardheaded and stubborn and see the positivity in whatever we’re facing :blush:
It took a while to get out of all that stuff…but like I said, much more at peace now :slightly_smiling_face:

And thank you to everybody here :hugs: I’ve really appreciated the well wishes and support!


My son is still have a low heart rate. But the doctor say he is eating good. But he on bed rest until he get stronger to walk around


Hope he gets well soon!! Stay strong! :hugs: :muscle: :muscle:


Bring him icecream and burgers- I pray for you both @hilaryfol sending strengths to you both


That’s a good sign dear, I’m sure it will get better, stay strong :muscle: :hugs: :hugs:


Well I don’t think that they would care as I’m nobody but anyway I am sorry I overreacted. I am fine, I am not sacked and it is all ok. Just being a drama queen


So screw them, if they don’t care then they’re not important. We do :wink: You got me pretty scared there, it’s not something that you can make fun of. But I’m glad you’re ok :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m just looking for better job knowing that I have to leave but I will look for something I like not something because I have to as I’m desperate


Yeah, it’s always better to do something you like, keeps you going. And it’s completely normal to change a job after a while, it’s healthy :slight_smile: Fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:


How is everyone :blush::heart::revolving_hearts: