Get Inspired! The LPU friends and support


I’m good. Got my mums birthday at the end of this week so looking forward to it.


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted bc of trying to take care of me and be a caregiver to my mum all the while raising my special needs daughter. I can usually compartmentalize but the family around me behaviors have literally gone off the rails, sending my PTSD into overdrive. I don’t have any suicidal tendencies it’s just the other than symptoms triggered by my PTSD. I’m planning to see Mike’s show in October as a treat and “me” time from the daily grind. I wish I had better news today but I do appreciate the support.:heart:


I have been so sad and not myself lately because of my son still in the hospital . Yes he doing good. But I feel lose at Times and I know he doing good. I feel like I can do more.


Hiw was it! :smiley: Sorry i couldn’t be there. Here a happy belated birthday cake! :cake::sparkles::two_hearts:

@satorinyc it’s alright… things will settke dowj soon don’t worry. You’ve always got our back :hugs::hugs: stay strong! Life is amazing

@hilaryfol that’s normal mom cases you know. When the child is even a lil ill… moms get tensed. That seems a big prob but what happened to your child? Here have a warm hug. :hugs: Nothing is happening to him… he’ll be fine soon and again playing with you like before ! :wink: