Getting art gift to Mike - no M&G ticket


Hi, everyone.

I’m new here and will be seeing Mike for the first time Oct 23 in Raleigh NC. I have a canvas painting I want to give to him, but though I signed up for the M&G there, I can’t count on getting it. I have the Crossing the Line VIP ticket. Does anyone know if there is a way, sans M&G to get gifts to him?

I lost my husband on Feb 17th of this year, and have since started painting abstract art. Watching Chester and LP videos, Mike videos and interviews and just grieving with Mike, Talinda, Tobi and all the Soldiers on Twitter, has helped me tremendously this past several months and this painting is symbolic of that. I would really like to give it to him in some way.

Any info or ideas you have, would be greatly appreciated. I’m 62 (who thinks like a 30 year old - LOL) and it’s my first concert (especially SRO) in many years.

Thank you!


Before, you could ask Lorenzo to give them to him… Now I don’t know… Maybe if you ask Adam, he could help you.

I’m sorry no to be of much help now. Anywa, I wish you good luck, and welcome to the forum.


No, you WERE helpful! Thank you! I’ll check with him on Twitter. Thank thank you for the welcome. :slight_smile:


Please let me know how everything goes :slight_smile:


If you’re able to find someone who has a pt vip I believe they can get it in for you :blush:
I heard that people were able to take others’ stuff to get signed possibly but I’m definitely sure it depends on venue, # of people and just the flow on that night
But I really hope you can get it in to him!

I’m terribly sorry about you losing your husband :pensive: but am very proud and happy to hear you’ve been getting through :slightly_smiling_face: sending you a stranger’s hug :hugs:


Sorry about you losing your husband. Great to hear that your managing to get through it though. If u find someone who has a vip pass they should hopefully be able to get your gift to Mike for you.

Hope you manage to get it to him :smiley:


Thank you so much. :slight_smile:


Could try Jim Digby @digbyjim
Adam has stopped taking gifts and given Talindas PO Box No.
Good luck and enjoy the show…hope to see him one day like you fairly new…listened because of Chester :heart:


Thank you to all of you that gave advice. I hope that I will win a M&G ticket, but if I don’t, I HAVE been contacted by someone from the LPFanCorner and they will make sure that Mike gets my gift. So all is good! :smile:

I’m so excited for this concert! The drive is a little scary for me since I’m in VA and it’s in NC. But I’m putting my big girl pants on and going to do it!

Thank you all again!