Give me Mashups and Remixes


I just heard a Linkin Park/Pendulum mashup that filled my ears with copius amounts of bliss.

I know that Soundcloud and Youtube have tons of mashups and remixes but its a pain looking through all the bad ones. Any suggestions on mashups or remixs that KNOCKED YOUR SOCKS OFF!?

P.S. Goal achieved. Got to say ‘Knocked your socks off’ on LPU.


There is only one single fan-made Mash-Up I like and that’s a Mike Shinoda/Linkin Park Mash-Up of Madison and Blackout. It’s pretty nice.


Usually there are only very crappy Mash-Ups, because so many people don’t regard the fact that songs are not always written in the same speed or key…


This Numb remix is pretty damn awesome :slight_smile: