Given Up Cover - Electric guitar


Hello guys! I’m kind of new to this Forum ( I used the older one, when the background was totally black and dark style hehe some of you remember what I’m talking about :slight_smile: (approximately in 2009-2010 I started to use it… Or even before that time… Well I know it has been a long trip with this awesome guys :heart:️ My high school was very hard… I suffered of bullying… And because of that I tried to do something awful… But LP helped me to pass those dark days… And I’m so thankful with them. When I had 18 i was very interested in Music, my dream was to have a band like them so I decided to take some guitar lessons… But my parents couldn’t pay my stuff so I started to work and go to the university… So I had to postpone them… Until this year my dream came true and finally I’m learning and I will not give up until I have my band. Here is my first cover. I hope you guys enjoy it


Hey, nice cover! (Though you were playing in a different key in the chorus,…and the intro riff was wrong, but nevermind that)
I’m also going make a band one day and I’ve been playing guitar for 6 years. Good luck with reaching your dream :smile:


Oh thanks for the feedback!! Didn’t notice that hehe Wow 6 years that’s awesome :open_mouth::open_mouth:!! I also wish you the best with your future projects as a musician :blush::blush:!! I will support your band for sure!


Thanks! I’ll do the same


Thanks! :blush: