Giving gifts to the band @ Meet & Greet?


I’ve never been to a Meet & Greet. I’ve heard you can give small gifts to the band members. I have a personal gift I’d like to give Chester & wondered if you’re able to personally give band members gifts or if the gifts are just collected & given to them at a later time.

Thanks for your help!


Yes, I believe on the M&G FAQ it states that you can give gifts to Linkin Park as they sign stuff for fans but it asks that they be reasonably small because they need to fit them in the suitcases that they bring whilst on tour. When I saw them they walk round the circle we had made and I could give them a card. Hope this helps​:wink: Enjoy the M&G- they are such lovely, genuine guys, I’m sure Chester will be grateful for your present! :slight_smile:


You should totally go for it! It’s one of those things that you may get to do again or maybe not, so make it important. When you think about the moment eight years from now, make it a memory that feels complete. Say what you have wanted to to them for years. Have the time of your life :smiley:


Oh yeah you can! You can hand it to him when he comes to sign your things. He may or not may not pass it to security to store it for a while and make sure it gets back to their hotel or whatever but he will see it. They always do! :slight_smile:


I love what you said. Thanks! You’re right…if I don’t give it, I’ll always feel like it wasn’t “complete”. Super excited! Thanks again.


Thanks so much for your reply Olivia. Now I’m getting even more hyped about the M&G!


This is wild. I really can’t believe I can actually hand it to him. Thanks so much for your reply!


Sure thing! Have fun at your show and good luck for the m&g!


No problem, have a great time :wink::laughing: