Go home you're drunk!


More like of studying biology :ok_hand:t2:
You ar do but great
It’s much harder from the phone
Type: phone keyboard is appropriate for this


Phons msybkard is allripireafe fkr this

Atleast last word was right


Atleast last word was right

I will assume it was the type now thing lol :smiley:
TYPE: I want to be so tall and meet a manboy


I want to be so tall amd meet a manbkh

Type I almost did it


I almost did ig

:open_mouth: I actually almost did it :joy:

Type : I don’t want to have an exam tomorrow


I dobt want to hsbe ak wgak tonorriw

Type: that escalated quickly


That escalated quickly

Type: Still getting answers right


Still getting answrs right

Give it a try


Give it a try

Type: I did


I did

Type: Why was it so easy?


Why is ir si easy

Type: i am zinlers biggest fan


o al zinlers nigfewt fan
oh wow, not so far!

Type : I don’t know who is it


I don’t know who is it?

Type: nailed it like a boss.


nailed it like a bodd

oh no!! just s yaar!

type: where did the S go?


Where the s go?

Type: I don’t know how I did because of the autocorrector.


I’m going to put my own spin in my replies. Instead of closing my eyes I’m going to use the touchscreen handwriting recognition keyboard thing that my current laptop has.

5 dint liner hours did became of anteater

:joy: :joy: :joy: (I should point out I write in joint up handwriting).

Type: This is going to get funny.


This is going to get funny
(While driving! :grimacing::speak_no_evil: )

Type: that duck spit on the rock


Nah, don’t man. It will only end badly.

Before I start writing it, I think I see what you’re trying to do there @framos1792 :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll see what happens.

The dish spotted the rod

Type: That was woeful.


Yeah I was just being an idiot haha
As to the texting well it’s a bad habit I admit I have, well that and speeding given the opportunity :expressionless: and as I was writing that I realized the crappy combo that makes haha

That qas woeful

Type: antidisestablishmentarianism



type: i wrote that but i am really drunk