Go home you're drunk!


I fancy a crack at this.


Oh wow, it made it out in one go.

invade that, but I-am really think


Type: anthropomorphism



:joy::joy: What kinda words you are giving guys! :joy:

Type: floccinaucinihilliphillification

(I guess the spelling is right… not sure! :sweat_smile:)


Floccubaucubugukkiocuk…urrgh i cant even remember it enough to type it without looking :dizzy_face:

Something simple:



It seems like it can do relatively easy words.

Type: I really don’t want to type a sentence with big words but Rob likes to exacerbate conundrums to monumental proportions.


Nobody want a challenge? :joy:

Ok, then type: Fine, you win


Faimgofouandfu oh god I can’t even type fine you win with my eyes closed

Type tomorrow is a new day


I will try soon, but the problem is that you have to read the paragraph several times before you write it, and you probably cheat.


Ok I will give it shot @the_termin8r


I riadz foby whbt og warirf tc wriye a sib stbyrr cak kib ligeg ur gffhbhr agjgtrnd. Sfjgyghuf


:joy: Back to business as usual in this thread.

You have to give something for the next person to type @turners34 .


Type you decide you who are not society


you fvifr eho you str noy oviryu

you frvifr eho you str noy sovirty

you frvid wo you are not society

Type: I’m rusty

Side note: I’m back on my normal keyboard since I returned the Dell.


Ia ursfj

Type I can’t write like this


I can’t wrote ;ole tjos

I can’t write like this

Type: Starting to get used to it again


Sargni ta gea vad ta tbid ahsil

Type experience



Type: 1 letter away


1 lawyer qzoz

Type I am so close to being able to write huge words with my eyes closed


I am so close to being able to qeore jig qoeds ith my wiws c;psed (I lost track of my fingers halfway through :stuck_out_tongue: )

Type: Lost and forgotten


Lase azn farcattan

Type Happy Birthday Rob


Happy birthday Rob (I’m assuming you don’t mean me :joy: )

Type: That was odd