Go home you're drunk!


thten adhufhb domdsjitvfb coabfbgh "#

Type: Wow, it’s a complete new language!


Wow its a conplere new langiage

Type: true! And feels different from all other


True ! And feels differentdrom all other

I think I’m too used to type fast :joy:

Type : I should be working


I should be working

Type: I should be sleeping


I should be sleeping

Type this is the first time I typed the. thing right


This hsrvedhfsjxvyjne h she be eva rchds ebxvr

Type: I must be drunk right now


I must ve drink right bow

Type: Look what you made me type


Look way you made me your


Type: unicorns and lollipops oh yeah oh yeah


ubicorns and lollipops og yeah oh yeah

Type: Almost, but not quite


Almostcgye but qturt :grin:

I see you changed your pic bro

Type: I suck at this game


I suck at this game

Type: I’m 50/50


I’m 59/58

Type: try the ketchup motha fucka


try the ketchup motha fucka

Type: I’m on fire…also on PC :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m of dire. Ajsivivimviz

Type no way bro


Ni wau bro

Type: You do not know da wey


You so be know the qau

Type: impossible to type like this


impossible to type like this

Type: I can do it!!! I need to try mobile.


I can do it!! I need to rmt on mobile!! :joy:

Type: yess!!! I was quite near!


Yess!!iwas quite near

Type: I need more practice


I need more practice

Type: And I don’t :stuck_out_tongue: