Go home you're drunk!


And i dont (got that right :wink:)

Type: maybe next time


Mafvs next rune

Type: maybe another time


maybe anither time

Type: That feeling when you miss the one key


That ewwkubd web rue nhww Eva I’ve hey :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

Type: I’m both drunk and blind


K> dfjk fjkgb hjjg

Type: It’s like my fingers, they have a mind of their own! :open_mouth:


It;s like my fingers. they have a mind of their own! @{ (Well at least I got the exclamation mark)

Type: Punctuation is annoying.


Puxaribion is amnouinf.

Type this is just about impossible to type like this


tgus iddbn nej n djfgh ekrgg

Type: 7h15 15 4c7u4lly n07 50 h4rd, 15 17?


this is kust impossible tp type like this (quite possible in fact, it’s a matter of knowing your keyboard [and yes i know i had 2 errors])

17h15 15 4c7u4kky n07 50 g4rd, 15 17> (That wasn’t fair on my part because I had to go back to look at how it was spelled)

Type: Type properly, no more nonsense


tytng porrny , asen dkffpgt nd

Type: Dis is teh most proper sen10ce youll ever have 2 type


I refuse.

This is the most proper sentence ypu woll ever gave to type

Type: I need to improve my accuracy


o nedc ot adnmf me auctnu

Type: Oh holy macaroni look at the time!


I nedd to imprav mt accattarly

Type I need more practice


I need new kazdhejw

Type: my keyboard has a mind of its own


My kayvaird his a mind of iys own

Type it’s hard to get it perfect but with practice anything is a possibly


Its Gaye to get it ksalrfszf Che wish or the Bhihhjx is kzzzhvjd (WTF)

TYPE: I left my brain somewhere else


i lrgz mx Brian somewehere else

How are you?


Hp are ypu?

Type: My fingers are out of alignment with my keyboard.


Mtbdibwgawwvqgwvigwvje qkugbnwbe wu3h n3 bwgvjqw3

Type: I invented a new language


I inxted. A naw lagnaege

Type I need better control of my hands and fingers