Go home you're drunk!


I need better control of my fingers and hands

Type: And I don’t :stuck_out_tongue:


Andbi sibe :smirk:

Type: not enough alcohol yet


nor wnoufh lcigol yet

Type: I’m not drunk, just tired


I’m not druck must fried

Type I am really bad at this game


I am really bad at this game

Type: You have to know your keyboard


You gave to. Know you key aboard

type I am still learning


I am still learning

Type: It’s easy on a real keyboard and not a touchscreen.


Its easz on a real ket broad .nor a touch sreeb

type typing on my phone sucks


typing on my phone sucks

Type: then use a pc


Then use a pc

Type I would if I owned one


I would if I owned one

Type: I need a pc

@turners34 don’t you have a family pc you could use?


I need a pc

Type. Unfortunately I don’t have a family pc

(We had one but it busted a couple months ago)


So nobody in your house owns a pc/laptop? That’s odd, how does anyone get any work done?


We have to go to the library of we need to type something but hopefully my mom gets her taxes soon so we can get one


That’s a pain. Hope you find one soon. You can get a decent laptop for a reasonable price if nobody in your family does anything heavy or specialised for you to need something more expensive. If you need recommendations then just drop a post in the geek thread.


Ok thank you. @the_termin8r


Unfiddyafktvvi. Wine have s gsnuktvoc

Type: no more wine allowed :joy:


No more wine allowed

Type I think I am starting to get the hang of this game


I think in staerubf right George hand is this gane

Type: not with a phone I’m not


niot withg adpof notn

Type: Not with this brain I’m not