Go home you're drunk!


Use the force

Type haha, I am your master!


haha, I am your master

Type: We’ll see :stuck_out_tongue:


We’ll see

Type yes we will lol


Yes we will lol

Type: Are we going to have a problem here? :joy:


Are wr hi7bg ti habr aoribel here?

Type: I must be really drunk


I must ve really frunj

Type: Umm It must be the crack I smoked on the other game lol


Umm, it must be the crack I smoked in the other game. lol - Wow, I managed to fix the punctuation and grammar errors too. :joy:

Type: Like a boss


Like d viaa

Type: Not my day today


Not by dat today

Type it’s really not


Type its rrally hot!

Lol i did that. :smiley: That’s great

Type : i like Lamborghini!


i oled lazmsbfghihmh

Type: What the hell is wrong with you?!


What the hell is wrong with you
Lol the lectures affect me… blind typing
Using the waves of sound the true master paralyzes his opponent, leaving him vulnerable to attack


jidfb osopjhmni m yhm0[bm bnfgi ryohjmnbl. pbjh jhneo mn [ko7fb4b 4th

Type: Can’t tell if drunk… Or just can’t type… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Cant tell kf j am drink, or i just cabf tyle

Type: i can’t type. :joy:


i can’t type. :joy: (damn, I even nailed the emoti code).

Type: And I can


Oh no! C’mon that’s wow :joy: no. I don’t know what to say… how! :joy:lol

And i can


Type: i did it!


i did it!

Type: So did I.




I guess it’s you am me playing now lol…

So i xid it

Type : change the title of thread i am not drunk! :joy:


Chabte the title of the thread im bit drubk

Type: hello from the other side