Go home you're drunk!


Hello fron the other sjds

Type : hey how have you been?


Hey, how have you been?

Type: So badass, I’m even adding punctuation. :stuck_out_tongue:




I’ll break the bump…
Why are many threads so abandoned? Are all buzzy busy :honeybee: like me? :neutral_face::thinking:

So badass, i am even adding punctuiation

Lol :sweat_smile:

Type: not badass for me lol.


not badass for me

Type: I’m not actually drunk.


Im not actually drunk

Type : i was only one punctuation error away form it being a 100% correct


I was only one punctiation error from it being 100^ correct. (FOK! I’m really annoyed that I missed the % by one key).

Type: The rage is strong in this one.


The rage is srinve in tbis one

Type: the rage ended here


the rage ended here

Type : Happiness wins!


hallinrd wkbd

type: Mike in Paris


Mile in paris

type : mike goes wrong


mije fird wrong

Type: Good guy Mike


good guy muje

type : got mike wrong again


git nijw shonf ahain

Type: I totally messed up


I totally messed up.

Type: And I didn’t


and i didnt

Type: I did it too


I sid it too

Type: who’s Sid??


Wjo’z sid ?

Type : I don’t know that


I fon’y know that.

Type: Close, but not quite.


Close’ bht not enjough

Type: not even close to close, but not enough