Go home you're drunk!


not even to close, but nit enough

Type : You make me laugh so much… And I failed too!


You make me laugh so mych,abd U fauled too!

Type: I somehow nailed the exclamation mark, but misspelt ‘failed’.


i somehoe naulef the exclamatköm mark, but misslent gauled.

Type: That was soo close


That was soo close

Type: And that was perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:


And that was perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:

Type: Wow it really was.


Wow it really was.

Autocorrect :sunglasses:

Wow. It. Really. Was

Wow it really was

Wow it really was

It’s k nevermind…

Idkskfjs fakkk

I know where the keys are :sunglasses:


I know where they keus are :sunglasses@ (nearly).

Type: I type like a boss


I tupe like a voss

Tyoe: And I don’t


And I fon’y

Type: Something’s off today


Dobruchut.azet.sk of today lol

Type : I typed it on my phone using SwiftKey gestures!


I typed it on my phone using SwiftJeu gestires!

Type: And I didn’t, I’m on PC.


And i did. nt , im on PC

Type : getting the right punctuation on a phone is hard


Gettinf rhw eudbr puxntuatiob ob aphodj is hahrx. Could have been a lot worse for a first attempt on my phone lol.

Type: Could be worse.


Dotyk be worse lol

Type: Gestures are a lot easier, try SwiftKey :slight_smile:


Gestures are a lot easier, try SwoftKeu :slight_smile:

Type: I got the emoti, but butchered the name.


I got the enmity but I butchered the name

Type: emojis are cool


Enonus are cool.

Type : what’s enonus :joy:

(With emoji )


what’s enonous :hot: (nearly)

Type: It’s fairly easy on PC.


It.scsDmy eXy on pc. :joy: :rofl:

TYPE: it’s almost impossible on phone!


Irs@ almist inodzzickd ib phonz

If- Lmozf inoozzi ls on phonss

It’# domosg inpozxu kd ob phhibsz

Ir"# alnozg inlizsuvld ib phobds

Its almosy inpizzi ld ob phobsz

It"#@(?£#/ inpozzuvld ib pbibsz

If’s almost inlossivls on pnones (I did that one in landscape).

Type: I’m having a stroke.