Going to first LP concert and new member to LPU!


Hello LPU community I thought I’d introduce myself (if that’s okay if introduction threads aren’t allowed sorry)… I’m John and I’m from Mooresville, NC and I received the LPU membership for Christmas… I will be attending my first LP concert ever on January 28!!! I’ve been a fan of LP since I’d say the 4th grade and they have been my go to when I’m feeling down or have a barrier I need to break… I’m looking forward to getting to know all the fellow fans here and being a part of this great community!

Also, how long should it take to get the goodies from the membership? I received the digital one that comes with the shirt and lanyard and it says it’s still processing…
Thanks everyone and again sorry if this is not allowed or it belongs somewhere else!


As soon as the status on http://linkinpark.com/account/orders/ says “FULFILLED” it means it’s been shipped and it should arrive within one or several weeks (I’ve usually had mine in 1 or 2 weeks since it’s been shipped out and I live in Europe). Depends on where you live… Since you’re in the US it shouldn’t take too long.

Welcome to LPU and enjoy your first LP show. :slight_smile:


Hi John welcome. Enjoy your stay.

I got my lpu stuff in 3 weeks and im in that states too. Its no Amazon, but it used to be two months.


Hey John! I am going to my first show ever in Nashville on the 17th! I am beside myself excited! Enjoy it!