Going to Peru for Linkin Park!


Hello Soldiers,

Im going to have a trip this May to Peru!
If someone also is going from different place we can contact us and have a meet there, would be awesome meet others soldiers there and have fun in the concert!



No need to make multiple threads.


i know i realize after lol


The concert is in May


I m so unlucky :frowning:


I want to see them so bad. :sob:


from where are you?


Huh what happen


Hey, I’m going to Perú for the concert too. I was thinking about renting an Airbnb near the stadium, it would be cool to hang out with someone else.


Will u have fun and enjoy your self ok :slight_smile:


oh Airbnb…? im gonna look some hostel HI if are around the area, but u to know friends from Peru told me the stadium are is not good, but serch in near area like Lince or Jesus Maria are good!


Hey, thanks for the recommendation I decided to stay in Barranco. Just let me know if you want to meet to go the concert :grin:


welcome! i will stay in Miraflores i think, not decided yet. Of course so just be in contact days before so we can meet :wink:
from where are you btw? xD


Great! We’ll be in touch. I’m Venezuelan but I’m going from Chile. And you?


you guys have fun at the concert even though I can’t go because I live in NY


I’m From Bolivia xD I’m going for 4 days to also see around Lima, I couldn’t take more days from work lol


@tasmanff you can’t take no more days off from work will don’t do that ok because you know what happens i’m guessing you do.