Going to the SSMF? Become our live reporter!


Are you one of the lucky fans who have tickets to Sunset Strip Music Festival? If you are, you now have the opportunity to become LPFC’s (The Linkin Park Fan Corner’s) exclusive On Scene Reporter!

You will get access to our special Twitter account @LPFC_for_SSMF to tweet photos, videos, etc. from the festival.

The Twitter account will be embedded into Linkin Park Fan Corner’s website, your own Twitter handle will be displayed in the bio of @LPFC_for_SSMF and of course, we will retweet all your #SSMF tweets as well!

Are you interested? Of course you are! You could be the person who is providing LIVE information to fans, like myself, who cannot attend! How awesome is that?!

Click here to find out how to apply.

Application deadline is midnight tonight! (August 28th at 00:00).

If the above link does not work, click the following link to apply: http://lpfancorner.com/2013/07/25/youre-going-to-ssmf-become-our-ssmf-live-reporter/

Good luck!


I would try to post pics an video after the concert … my twitter is CrowN Assass1n


Hi Ryan, as you may or may not be aware, we at the Linkin Park Fan Corner have already chosen someone to be our live reporter.

However, we would be glad to share your pics and videos with our followers. When tweeting the pics and vids, be sure to mention @LPFanCorner at the end so that we see them (follow us too!). Our founder, Adie, is in charge of our Twitter account and will be the one who RT’s.


Alright man i will do so … Thanks