Golden ticket meet and greet


Ok, I have a golden meet and greet and would like to use it for my sister that will be attending the concert with me if I redeem this pass will I be able to use it for her? I’m unsure how to get in touch with ground cntrl to see if this is a possibility as I already have purchased the meet and greet ticket for the show, if someone could please give me a clear answer on this it would be greatly appreciated!!!


You can contact GroundCtrl with this LINK. The login data are same as for the LPU.


Not sure the rules on letting someone else use it. I would contact lorenzo at or on twitter @lorenzoerr


The rules I read stated absolutely no transfer of meet n greet pass…Some of the rules seem rather harsh to me. I’m accustomed to a more lax sort of fan club as a dmb maniac. I’m just getting the lpu started here for my 13 yr old son who is a lp maniac the same. So, as I was reading up on how I’m gonna get him the same access and privileges I get myself through warehouse, I stumbled across that info. Meet n greet seems overbooked, impersonal and robotic compared to what I’m used to. But hopefully that is only how it sounds and the experience will be better than the rules make it sound! Good luck! Val