Got my LPU12 Package BUT Missing Pass


First, I am soooo stoked! I got my LPU12 package! It shipped to me on the 10th and is already here. The downside, I ordered the Plus Pass + CD combo pack. Everything is there except the pass. I have opened the CD and nothing is in there other than the CD and booklet. I also still haven’t gotten my $5 off coupon that was promised when I first bought the pack. I have sent a mail to customer service but was hoping that someone would be able to shed some light on my issue. Is there another way of getting these items? I mean, are they like in my account information here or somewhere I am not looking? Any help would greatly be appreciated. By the way, I am listening to the CD already and loving it! As always, awesome!


You did right contact ground(ctrl) support, they will help you. [smile]