Got my tickets for Hollywood, CA!


HI there! I’m very excited, as I just purchased my tickets for the Hollywood Bowl on Oct. 22. Anyone else attending? I’m taking my cousin, and it’s his first time, and as for me, it will be my 6th time, so I’m very excited for him!


I got my code for LA but still can’t purchase any tickets. When I click “find tickets” it always say “Sorry, there was an error with search. Try again later.”…I tried on other browser, still doesn’t work, tried on my phone, doesn’t work…I’m so devastated. I sent the email too TM and still no reply…:sob::sob:


was ticketmaster able to help you?


I had the same problem buying those tickets, at the end TicketMaster was not able to help me. too bad actually, so I decided to buy tickets for the previous show on october 20th in chula vista.

Anyone here going to that show?


Have fun! Enjoy!! :slight_smile: