Graphic Designers out there?


Hey guys, :smile:

Are there any LP fans on this site whose major concerns the arts, in particular graphic design ?

If so, I hope to learn and inspire others that are in my related field. I have my own blog via

Wordpress in which I discuss my personal struggle as an artist and give out tips and advice to

others that feel like maybe their career chose was a mistake. But if anybody is interested or

would like to discuss their current career change or career in general it’d be really cool to read


My website: :relaxed:

Feel free to share or comment on any post and I hope it helps and if you have any questions

that you would like me to touch upon let me know here or comment via my blog and I’d be

more than happy to respond! :sunny:

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week so far ! :wink:


Hello! I’m not a graphic designer but I hope to be one in the near future. In October I’m starting a degree in graphic and digital design, and I’m very excited about it! I love everything that involves design, so I’d like to check out your blog. I have a lifestyle blog but it’s written in Spanish, so you may not understand it. My blog is :smile:


Omg you have such a lovely layout! :heart_eyes: And thats great, it is a very intense but satisfying career.

If you ever come across a question about design just ask me! I’ve graduated with a Bachelor’s for

design. :sunglasses: And no worries I speak Spanish! :smile:


I’m not a professional and wasn’t schooled as a graphic designer, but I’ve always enjoyed drawing and trying out graphic software such as Photoshop and the likes and now-a-days I like to design flyers and other promotional material for friends and my church. It’s fun.

Your website seems interesting, I really like the drawing in the top. Am definitely going to check it out some more :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!


Thanks so much for checking out my blog. :grinning: I appreciate it.

And thats awesome that you design flyers for your church and friends! I would like to see them.

Maybe you should showcase your work you know, make a little money on the side for friends and

such! It’s very funny actually because Photoshop is not my fav design platform to work on :joy:

I usually use it for retouching photos for clients.

If you have any questions about programs let me know :relaxed:


Pleasure was all mine! The blog is really neat-o! :smiley:

Most of the stuff I designed for my church are viewable on their facebook page:

I designed the logo, the banner and stuff like that :smile: Some of the stuff I made for the church doesn’t look all that fancy, but I’m still learning so :sweat_smile:

What software do you use? A friend of mine is a self-employed Graphic Designer and she actually told me that she prefers Illustrator above Photoshop. I’ve never used Illustrator before though. And I still don’t understand every tool Photoshop has to offer.


I love the logo, I just checked it! Simple and effective.

Me? I usually stick with Photoshop and Illustrator. Indesign, only use it when I need to layout

articles and such! Dreamweaver is a huge pain in the butt, so I stay away from it as far as

possible! lol

Illustrator is fun when you begin to know the basics and then you’re pretty much good from

then on. Usually if I’m stick on something technically-speaking thats what Youtube is for XD

Well if you ever find yourself stick on something on Photoshop you can ask me!


Wow, you like the logo? Thanks for the kind words :smile:

I’ve tried Indesign once, but got totally confused with it, haha. You’re right though,
Youtube can be very handy to learn with :smile: