Gray - The Unity of Us


Incinerate The Air is completed and I must say I was really impressed with the way it turned out

Now let’s talk about the next project, but before we do let’s take a few things into concideration first:

Our beloved @lplovebug_Jess told us about an something that she is going through, I have told her the door is always open for her for when she returns!

@samuel_the_leader, after hearing you was kinda fed up with things, I understand how this can sometimes happen, if you don’t wish to take part anymore I understand, and the door will remain open for you as well if you do leave the group and wished to return

Finally @jabinquaken because you came up with Incinerate The Air
I ask you not to come up with a title but still vote please

My song title: The Last Time
Style: Ballad/Rock



Title: Warped rainbow (I actually imagine this as more of an instrumental but we need lyrics).
Style: Life on planet 9

Here’s an example of the style:


So like eerie rock kinda thing


Let’s make some funny stuff this time. As asked, I won’t propose my title.



Genre: heavy metal


Yeah kinda alternative too.


Why exactly are we coming up with titles before writing anything? It’s easier and more logical to pick a title after we’ve written a song


This something that was thought of during the first few songs and gave people more equal parting instead of me starting a song a randomly listing people to follow

It gave the song a theme and meaning before the song has even begun


a direction, so I will sing about
Title: Poisned marshmallows
Genre: alternative Rock n Rap


let’s suggest a theme or subject or event we wanna write about, instead of a made up title.


Ok I like that so for this one at least since the wheels are already rolling we will keep the title and style thingy this time round but next song yeh i am up for that


For me it works both ways but I’d prefer the title because mostly it reveals the main theme. Also, it’s more define.


I do like @rickvanmeijel idea and i think we should at least give it a try on the next song


Just waiting on your titles and styles


lol I did already my friend :slight_smile:



Hip Hop


My bad been up since 5am missues was snoring like crazy


no prob, nobodys perfect Dude :hugging:

  • Gray - HipHop
  • Poisoned Marshmallows - Alt. Rock/Rap
  • Time - Heavy Metal
  • Warped Rainbow - Life on Planet 9
  • The Last Time - Ballad/Rock

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I believe we have all voted but there is a tie
Betwee Gray and Wraped Rainbow

Since myself and @rickvanmeijel voted for other songs I guess it is up to us two to break the deadlock

So @rickvanmeijel which of the two appeals to you most!!!