Greek Fans here?


Poio einai to agaphmeno sas album :slight_smile: ?


Hello there! I’m Greek as well. There aren’t many (active) Greek fans here sadly, so chances of getting a reply here are slim to none.
Keep in mind that the forums are English only btw.


Thank you
Im new here
Ive visited lp website today for the first time


You can search the members on the main site and find more Greek people and add them (and maybe message them) but 9/10 of them are inactive.
Enjoy the forums!


@EvoOba You’re the only active Greek person I know here.


Thank you!


I know haha. I know a lot of the Greeks that have accounts here (LPU and non-LPU) but they’re not active and never will be.
Those that were acive a few years ago are not that interested in the band anymore in general. They grew out of them.


It was always interesting to me:

When people getting grown from LP… Into what?


Other bands, music genres, etc.
As you grow you find new stuff, more interesting and way less mainstream.