Greetings! And thank you


First, let me say that I’m a long time LP fan. I first joined the LP forums in September of 2000. Back when flash players played compressed 30-second clips of singles – that was cutting edge technology. I remember the occasional change to the color scheme (especially an olive green and black theme and a red and gray theme) and how the length of our signatures had to be limited. There was a forum dedicated to joining online groups that many would then list in our signature (eg. Proud member of the UK LPers). There was also the Lyricist’s Corner where some would post their poetry and original song lyrics. What I remember most about the LP forums from back then was how supportive we were of each other. To get to the forums, you had to click the link titled “Community.” And that’s what I really found here: A community of LP fans like myself who were united in our love for LPs music. Happily, this sense of community seems not to have waned through the years.

I grew up listening to LP, and like many other soldiers here, their music shaped who I am as a person. I remember reading posts when Meteora first came out that many people felt like this music personally speaks to them; like they themselves couldn’t find the words to express themselves, but thru LPs music, they could.
Anyways, I guess I just wanted to say what a big impact this community has had on me and express my thanks.


Welcome back @no0rdinarysoldier and it’s still just as you experienced it in the good old days: one for the other- no matter what! Enjoy your time on lpu17 :sunny:


Welcome back @no0rdinarysoldier and nice to meet you! :sun_with_face: :smile: :sun_with_face:


Welcome home!




Welcome back :slight_smile:


Welcome soilder


I joined Lpunderground just for a year back in 2001 and I just recently joined Lpunderground last year I was 18 at the time now I’m 32 years old anyway welcome back


Out of curiosity, what prompted you to return to LPU after being gone? For me, I realize what this community has meant to me over the years and wanted to say thank you.


Welcome back!


I just wanted to join the community after browsing the forum and I missed a lot with linkin park I just wanted to keep in touch now that I joined I like this community alot


Happy ya did it Ann- imagine we would never have met… how much love would we have missed!!! :hugs: :heart::orange_heart: :yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:


Welcome back