Ground Ctrl chat button


I like the fact that ground ctrl has the “Need Help?” button, but on the mobile version of the website its blocking the Submit post button… So I can’t post ANYTHING using my phone anymore. I primarily use my phone to visit this site.

Is there any way to move this button to a better location?


Hey Shadow,

I can’t seem to replicate this. Could you send a screenshot of how/where this is specifically happening?


Unfortunately and fortunately, I can’t. As of yesterday (11 am or so) the button seems to have disappeared again… Now I’m confused as to why it just randomly disappears. If it happens again I’ll grab a screenshot.


Okay, sounds good! Please let me know if this comes up again.


Aaand the button is back. I don’t know exactly when it came back, had a busy weekend, but I noticed it this afternoon. This time I have screenshots via instagram.
The first one is what I was describing, the second is where the chat button takes you.


Wow, that’s odd! Thanks for these, Shadow. I’ll forward this to our Dev team and see what we can do!


If it makes any difference, I’m on a Galaxy S4 (android) and the browser is Chrome.